Meet George Boyum

George is a Master Advertising Specialist, husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, entrepreneur, marketing and print consultant and idea generator who will help you bring your business to new heights.

Prior to creating The Motivation Recognition Group LLC, George spent over five decades learning the print and promotional products business and as a salesman, sales manager, executive and business owner. His resume of clients range from small mom and pop business to some of the nations largest corporations in the education, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries.

Besides offering a complete range of promotional and print products George also provides consulting, design and fulfillment services to guarantee you receive the greatest value out of every dollar you invest in marketing and print.


Meet Judy LaLonde-Boyum

Judy is a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother as well as a Master Advertising Specialists.

Prior to the formation of The Motivation Recognition Group LLC, Judy spent a lifetime learning business and graphics in many rolls.  Her experience includes being a retail manager of several stores and companies, manager of engineering services for a large consulting engineering firm, entrepreneur in the roofing industry, creative graphics designer for a major outdoor advertising firm and owner of her own typesetting and graphics business. In 1997 she became President of our start-up company and built the business to  a Million dollar plus distributorship before selling it to an out of state firm.

Within MRG, Judy is responsible for all graphic services and financial administration. Her main focus is the creative portion and design services of the business to insure our clients receive quality imprint and graphics with every order placed..